Day Trip to the Blue Mountains..

Well, this was no typical touristĀ trip to the Blue Mountains… As I managed to go with this fantastic lady; Gabi Hollows, who owns a house out there. She is a friend of Nicole’s, and needed to go there to sort out her holiday house anyway. This was a great privilege.. let me explain..

We arrived at her house in Sydney, so we could all go together. This is the first house I have seen in Sydney that is so traditional. It is very similar to an old english country home.. rather than a town house in Sydney! It is the ideal combination of modern and old, with the newer areas blending so well into the old structure of the house.

Gabby is the co-founderĀ of the Fred Hollows Foundation Charity, and in doing so hasIMG_1142.JPGcompleted such selfless work throughout her life, which has been acknowledged by her numerous awards.. just google her name! She is one of Australia’s 100 Living National Treasures… and I spent the day with her!! If that isn’t great travelling, I don’t know what is…!

It was essential to take a selfie whilst looking at the three sisters, the sheer size of them was unbelievable. I’d of thought I’d be used to huge scales, since being out here for so long.. But no, Australia never fails to surprise me!