After I wrote my last post, I went straight to Watson’s Bay. Dimity is the daughter of one of my mum’s friends from when she was out here. This friendship has gone down the generations, as she is now a great friend of mine. She is aiming to come to England for a few weeks in January, which I am so excited about. She is at university in Sydney, and is unfortunately studying hard for her exams, so it’s difficult to see her often. However, she makes up for this, as when we do meet, she always drives me to the most beautiful places, that I haven’t even thought about visiting. On this occasion it was Watson’s Bay.


Watson’s Bay is incredibly beautiful, as you can see from the pictures. There is something historical I should definitely be writing about.. It is something to do with world war two, and is potentially an old settlement?!

Whilst I may be horrendous at remembering historical facts.. I never forget recent dramas. In the case of Watson’s Bay… It is the fact that it is located very close to ‘the gap’. This is an ocean cliff, which is a very popular and famous Australian suicide
destination. Since 2008, there have been numerous measures put in place to reduce the casualties, like Lifeline and cameras watching.

Sorry for being so morbid, I just found it quite fascinating. The main importance of this post was to purely show the beauty of the area. There were some great opportunities to capture an ideal shot of the harbour bridge too. Definitely worth visiting when trying to capture a good Instagram photo!




Watson’s Bay

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