Back to Sydney..

Since arriving back in Sydney, I haven’t done any crazy touristy activities. Instead I have been getting into the Australian way of life… for me, this involves brunching and take-out coffee every day.


I have been living in both Bondi Junction and Curl Curl.. these are an hour apart. However, most of the journey is by ferry.. so I don’t mind taking in the incredible views of circular quay…


I met Lindsey on the ferry in the first week of being in Sydney, and since I have been back I have been staying in her beautiful house, and trying to help out with the youngest of her six children! She is incredible.. 6 kids… no help…! Doing this may seem like a waste of a travelling experience.. I beg to differ, as I’m experiencing the real Aussie lifestyle and in doing so, helping others. I also feel so at home… and valued! They are definitely my Aussie family..

I have been meeting up with Eline; who I met whilst on the boat out to the Reef. She is living with a family in SummerHill, this is roughly an hour from Bondi Junction. But starting on Monday, she will be working in Bondi Junction for a Soup Kitchen. She studies nutrition at University, and is therefore involving her knowledge into helping the kitchen create healthier meals. Her working in Bondi Junction is ideal for us to meet for dinner lots in my last few weeks.

I visited where she is staying this week. Again, it was so interesting to experience yet another Aussie lifestyle. In her case, its living in the suburbs of the city. With quiet roads, small towns and larger houses!


She is living with a family for the next six months, who used to live next door to her in The Netherlands… making them her Aussie family! Their house is beautiful, and so of course I took so images for this blog…

On the nights that I am staying in Bondi Junction, I am staying with a family friend; Nicole. She works as a Vet, and has a few hours free during her day, in between morning surgery and afternoon consulting. This gives us a window to go out to lunch together. This week we ventured to Rose Bay.. which is stunning. We had a light lunch overlooking the small harbour.

Anyway, my friend Abbey from England arrives on Monday. So I have actually made a plan for us to fit in all of the touristy activities whilst she’s here.. Toronga zoo, Bridge Climb etc.

Link to Eline’s Travel Blog


4 thoughts on “Back to Sydney..

  1. Yippee ipad found so caught up on your blog … All of which I knew from the chats …. It’s the way I did Sydney so of course I totally agree it’s the best way! Get into the lifestyle …

    Not sure I did much of the tourist bit … Remember a fab trip out to shark Island not much on it and think we got there by private boats and windsurfers but think there was a ferry stop on it … The opera house of course, did a daytime trip and also an evening performance but haven’t a clue what I saw!!
    Trip over to the zoo … Do not recommend unless with a fun bunch, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all!! Otherwise it was beach and cafe life … When abbey there try and go up to palm beach that was lovely think about hour and a half up the coast?

    Rose bay is quite lovely, Houston’s had a flat at the top with great views … In those days … Our love and thanks to Nicole and we will see her over here soon I hope xx

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