The Great Barrier Reef

I went with a company called Passions of Paradise, it is a slightly more expensive tour to do but I was recommended it by the people I was staying with. Apparently they have a lot of people that come back from the tour of the reef saying “Amazing experience, but quite an overcrowded boat”, so paying that little but extra for a better service was definitely worth it for this “once in a lifetime” experience. It cost a total of $174, and this included a delicious lunch, as well as morning and afternoon tea.

Passions of Paradise offers a full day, departing from Cairns at 8am and after visiting Michaelmas Cay and Paradise Reef, we arrived back at 5pm.


The highlight of the day was meeting Eline; she was also travelling alone and we met within the first few minutes of boarding the boat. We got on instantly, and this made the trip so much more enjoyable. The two and a half commute to and from the reef would of been a little boring without anyone to chat to. It was also great to swim with someone, to share the wonderful experience and discuss some of the absurd looking fish! We also managed to hire a waterproof camera together, which made it cheaper, and rather than just getting a load of selfies of myself and the fish. We got some great action shots. I will update this blog with those images… once we have uploaded them onto my laptop!


After laughing about the numerous meals out we have had alone… We decided to break a trend and spend the rest of the week dining together.


Eline is from the Netherlands, and will be in Sydney for a total of six months to carry out her internship. We are planning on meeting up loads when we are both back in Sydney. This is very exciting, as such a large city can be very lonely at times, when everyone around you is busy working and socialising in their specific social circles.

I was interested to find out that individuals from Sydney tend to be very difficult to befriend. As apparently more often than not, they tend to have very full social circles and not a lot of time to take on board new friends. Apparently this is down to many factors, but the main one being that once you live in Sydney you don’t tend to move elsewhere… What place can beat such an exceptional city?! If these people went to school in Sydney.. then University… and now work here… they have collected a very large group of people surrounding them.





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