River Cruising Surfer’s Paradise

Another excursion I did was a lunch river cruise. I would recommend this to everyone. I find that seeing places from a boat is such an incredible way to see more of an area. As you haven’t got the traffic and noise to distract you from the beauty available to see. 

It cost $26 for the hour and a half trip, with lunch included. 
The highlight of the trip would have to be cruising down “millionaires row”, where I was just amazed at the creativity of such incredible properties. With every house so modern, and different to the one next door. 

I have found that having huge varieties of houses all placed on one road, is very typical of Australia. I have been told that it is because they tend to knock down old houses to replace with modern ones, whereas in England we appreciate the beauty of our old English architecture. 

Following this trip out, I left the Gold Coast. I was very sad to leave Patti, a fabulous elderly lady who feels and acts like she’s 60, yet she’s 84. As a child, she used to visit the Gold Coast on holiday. At this time, there was one hotel and few necessary small shops. She has now lived there for twenty years, and intends on moving to the outback this year. It has got too overpopulated for an elderly lady to function easily and still feel part of a community.

Anyway she is definitely an inspiration… to be that lively, healthy and excited for life at such an age! She has no illnesses, and puts it completely down to the fact that she has lived all of her young life on a farm in the outback (before retiring to the Gold Coast). All she would eat was meat and vegetables, with the occasional home cooked pudding. She believes that her little intake of artificial preservatives throughout her life is the reason she is still so vibrant and energetic now.. I’m definitely taking note!!


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