First Day on the Gold Coast

So after a short bus trip I arrived in Surfers Paradise, where I was welcomed by lovely Patti. My initial reaction to the place was shock at how big it is, skyscrapers and everything so built up. Quite a different sight to what I have seen in the last week (Farm & Byron Bay). 

Spending the day exploring and getting a feel for the city with Patti, was a great introduction to another wonderful city within this beautiful country. We went up to Mount Tamborine… en route visiting Patti’s friend who lives in the most spectacular house. Where she has lived for 50 years! 

We enjoyed a cup of tea whilst taking in the incredible views, and I was introduced to Tim Tams… Safe to say I’m so glad they aren’t in the UK, definitely too yummy, the temptation would be mad! 

Following this we drove up higher, to the lovely town of Mount Tamborine. It has beautiful local shops and cafes. With shops ranging from aboriginal art shops, which offers a very unique and natural style…

…to the sweetest cafes offering various homemade food, I found savoury muffins…!!

Whilst on the journey home, I noticed these stalls on the side of the road, where locals are selling avocados!! Can’t get more natural/organic than that…

We have made plenty of exciting plans for my week on the Gold Coast… Will keep you updated as always! 


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