Byron Bay

Byron Bay isn’t what I expected… It’s so hippy! I was expecting a pretty tiny place with incredible beaches, which it is… I just wasn’t expecting the shopping, cafes and huge culture! Barefoot.. Indie clothing.. Spray painted camper vans.. Dreadlocks.. And a generally very very chilled out way of life!

Every few shops there is a different cafe selling different foods, accommodating every diet/allergy. I am currently sat in a cafe called fundies, which is part of a whole foods market. I have been really enjoying the Palio breakfast granolas on offer in Byron Bay, they are just loaded with nuts and seem to fill me up until dinner. Expensive choices.. But worth trying out this “culture”??

I never really understood the paleo diet, so I bought a book on it and it’s fascinating… There doesn’t seem to be food categories cut out like most diets.. The main thing cut out is just processed food/chemicals… Sounds like a good way to go. But difficult without the right surroundings to make it possible I guess.. The thing about Australia is it is home to making every diet/lifestyle choice sustainable. 

Although Byron Bay is fantastic, I am glad I’m only here for a few days, as it doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of walking (which I love), as the best walks are only really accessible with a car. So while here I have done the lighthouse walk, which as the pictures show… Is iconic. But I’m looking forward to doing more walks at the Gold Coast. 

I also visited The Farm Byron Bay, which is again linked into this mindful lifestyle approach. It has been created as way for people to see the importance of eating local/organic and wholesome foods. It is a wonderful area, with the ability to explore the fields, learning about their approach as you go round. Whilst also eating a wonderfully healthy meal at the restaurant ‘Three Blue Ducks’.

I found these fascinating natural food wraps made out of bees wax, they are reusable and can last up to a year, a way of avoiding the use of plastic and using nature instead… I obviously had to buy some!!


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