Backpacker… Am I? Aren’t I? 

Byron Bay is obviously a hugely popular backpackers destination, with the amount of backpacker travel guides stopping you to try and sell you a skydive.. Scuba dive.. Bus trip… I am just not sure how well I fit into this “backpackers” category.

1) I am interested in doing a skydive over cairns, but can’t let myself buy it from these travel agents, as all I can think is that why would I use the middle man?! Probably pay for this when I arrive at cairns without a booking, but that’s just me… When they sell it too hard, I back well away!!

2) I won’t ever be staying in a hostel alone. Have done loads before with friends.. There’s just something so daunting about sleeping in the same room as others with no friend to have your back if something happened. And after my first stay in an Airbnb being so successful.. I will be doing this much more.

3) I know what everyone says about backpackers making friends in hostels… On buses… During trips… But I much prefer making friends in a less forced environment. Speaking to locals, people in cafes, on local buses, on walks etc.

4) Budget… Am I meant to have one?! Probably gonna end in tears, but I am just living in the moment, I have a rough idea but not looking into it too hard/often. I am the type of person which would hate seeing my bank account constantly getting so dry, and would miss out on enjoying myself, so instead I don’t look… Oops!

Anyway… I did say I was a rookie traveller!


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