Trip to the country…

I am currently writing this sat on a bus heading to Byron Bay. Safe to say I have had the most fantastic weekend in the country. Staying with some more friends of my mums; the Newsome family, who live on a farm near a town called Glen Innes. 

They have huge amounts of cattle, and therefore use horses as a way to monitor the cows and heard them in when necessary. It was such a great experience to ride horses as a purpose rather than just as a sole hobby, like we do back home in England. The horses are very different, as they are working animals and are therefore extremely obedient, chilled out and well behaved (a nice change for me). 

Sometimes we went out riding to check up on the cows that are having calves, and other times we used the horses to move the cows into different fields or the yard. 

The family compete in camp drafting events. Camp drafting is when they take these horses to other areas in the country, and have to separate a particular cow out of its group before guiding that cow at speed around different obstacles on a course. I’ve seen lots of videos of them doing this and it looks like great fun, as well as a very practical hobby to compete in, as the process is what they use on the farm anyway. 
Glen Innes is a small town, accommodating roughly 6,000 people. It has everything you would need, yet the Newsome’s still live 20-30 minutes outside the town anyway. As you can see they live in the complete country side, with just fields to be seen, my first thought was how well it would suit a horror films plot. No where to run to… With the neighbouring farm probably a mile away! 

It was such a memorable weekend, my first insight into the Australian country life. It makes the England country side look man made, with all the structured fields and hedge rows.. This country side is a lot more natural, with a few fences the only thing different to what nature originally created. 

I am now off to Byron Bay to stay in an Airbnb, before heading to the Gold Coast. It was pretty cold here in the country, but apparently a few hours north makes all the difference! 


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