Ferry to Manly

Ok so yesterday was yet another fantastic day.. After posting my last update and finishing my shopping trip in Bondi Junction (which was way too tempting for the start of my travels!)… I headed to Circular Quay where I got a ferry to Manly. 

As you can see… The ferry was spectacular, with the best views of the Royal Opera House and the general beauty of Sydney city centre. 

On the ferry which took roughly 30 minutes, I met this lovely lady; Lindsey. Once we got chatting about life and my plans for Australia… She kindly offered to let me stay in her house whilst she goes away in early September. 

Lindsey is a fabulous mum of 6!! I’m looking forward to meeting up with her again before she goes away, to make plans and to generally get to know her.

She lives in Manly, so Charlotte and I have decided to venture back from Melbourne for the week of the 4th Septmeber. This way Charlotte can see the full beauty of Sydney and I can say my farewells! Manly is stunning, and I cannot wait to spend a full week there… visiting all the bars!!


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