Clovelly to Bondi Beach Walk

So seeing as I have walked southwards towards Little Bay.. I decided today I would venture north and do the coastal walk towards Bondi Beach… Which is obviously crucial to see, with it being Sydney’s most famous beach. 

The walk took me past Bronte Beach, which is again stunning. I definitely need to find someone who will show me a bad area of Sydney… To try and stop me from doing everything I can to live here one day!!

Passing Tamarama Beach at 10ish was the perfect time to stop for breakfast, where I had Quinoa Granola, yogurt and fruit… With the most spectacular view… Worth every penny!

Bondi Beach is huge! Despite it being so fabulous, I would probably say I preferred Tamarama Beach, as its smaller and Mackenzies Bay is just so cute. 

I honestly cannot believe they call it winter here?! I am in heaven… The perfect weather for my walks… Not too hot or cold. 

I am now off to explore the coastal shops in Bondi… Let’s pray they’re average… Slim chance but trying to be optimistic about finances!! 


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