Arriving in Sydney

Due to my stop over in Abu Dhabi, the remainder of my journey only took 12.5 hours. On arriving in Melbourne, I changed my flights and flew to Syndey. Somehow this meant I managed to avoid the huge amounts of queues at customs and arrive in Syndey’s domestic airport.

I managed to recognise Nicole from Facebook pictures, so jumped in her car and headed to a party with her. It was her sister Rachel’s friend from Univeristy who was turning 50. It was a great introduction to an incredible city, with such kind and friendly people everywhere! I was very surprised at my lack of jet lag, I have managed to get straight onto their time zone!

Nicole had Sunday afternoon off work, so after my walk from clovelly beach to coogee beach we met for coffee overlooking the sea!

This is by far the most iconic places I’ve ever visited, it doesn’t surprise me that it’s so hard to get visas to stay here, as why would you want to live anywhere else?

This is winter… And both days I’ve been here it’s been better than the majority of the U.K. Summer.

It is as easy to find a green smoothie here as it is to find a tescos in England! And it is the norm to dress in active wear.. The whole city lives and breathes this healthy lifestyle.. I love it!!

Following our long walk alone the coast line, basically walking from clovelly beach to Maroubra beach (with driving the bit which we couldn’t get round on the coastal pathways). We then ventured to Little Bay to visit Pattie; a family friend who I have met often, due to being a close friend of my grandma. She also lives in a spectacular place with a view of the sea from her living room!

I am writing this post from a cafe called ‘nutrition station’ in Bondi Junction, which hosts a huge shopping centre where I was able to sort my Australian SIM card out and where I might of purchased some more active wear!!

After this, I’m heading to the rocks and hoping to catch a ferry somewhere beautiful. To then meet Nicole at her spectacular gym for a yoga class.. Will let you know about it tomorrow!


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