Observation deck @ Etihad Towers

As suggested by Claire on reception, I am currently sat on the 74th floor of the Jumeriah Hotel, with scenery that I have only dreamt of. This is the best decision I have made since visiting Abu Dhabh… What a great way to experience the full beauty of a city in one outing. 

Maybe my naivety, (and I promise I have glanced at a map) but I was so unaware of the amount of water surrounding the city of Abu Dhabi!! 

I am currently sat overlooking the Emirates palace and the presidential palace, which apparently is where the fast and furious 7 was filmed! With endless blue waters and once again incredible architecture, this feels simply unreal. 

The visilibilty isn’t great today, as apparently on a good day you can see the grand mosque. I did want to visit this during my trip, but seeing as I am leaving this evening, I won’t manage it. Despite it being a must see… I have visited the Omani Grand Mosque, so I have prioritised experiencing this scenery up here as it is something different and very informative, in terms of getting to know the city.

It cost 75AED to visit this observation deck, roughly £15, yet 50AED can be used as a voucher for food and drink whilst up here. It is definitely worth every penny, to be able to experience the remarkable panoramas that Abu Dhabi has to offer at such a reasonable price!!


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