Walking the Corniche

So today I decided to walk down the Corniche, which my hotel looks over. Before leaving, I glanced at a map, and found the corniche beach which didn’t look too far away. Within minutes of starting this walk, I was melting, despite the strong breeze! The only time I have ever come close to sweating like this, I was doing Bikram Yoga for 90 minutes, not a 30 minute walk!!


The views are exceptional, with either crystal blue seas, immaculate infrastructure or sky high buildings surrounding me. Quite different from my usual surroundings in suffolk!!



The thing I cannot understand is how empty everywhere is. As you can probably see from my pictures, there isn’t a person in sight. Even when I visited the World Trade Centre I struggled to find crowds of people. Where is everybody? My guess is that everyone is working, and because of the vast amount of sky high buildings, everyone is cooped up in there and avoiding the heat! Guess its a weekday, but even weekdays in London are so much busier than this, especially around lunch time. And I stupidly decided to head out walking at 11am, with the hottest part of the day approaching!!

Anyway, I’m back now, and planning to chill out and sunbathe. I’m looking into visiting the Etihad Towers tomorrow (my last day), as apparently they have an incredible observation deck… I’ll keep you posted…


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