First few days in Abu Dhabi

After a quick nap, I ventured to explore. Finding the city fascinating and generally melting in the 40 degree heat. Behind my hotel is the corniche, which brings a lovely breeze. However when I walk further into the city, passing the skyscrapers, the wind stops and it’s an unbearable humidity!

As the rookie budget traveller that I am.. First on my list was to get my nails done. Typical! I passed this nail salon, but I thought it looked closed, I’ve attached a picture of the front windows.. Not exactly inviting! … This is actually down to the customer’s religion, not being able to be observed whilst pampering themselves.

This turned out to be very interesting, again chatting to the nail technician, she explained her situation. She is from the Philippines, and is married, yet her husband is back in the Philippines with all of her family. The company let them return home after one year if they pay for the flights, yet if they work for two years the company will pay for their return home. I’m starting to get the feeling that it’s very common for people to work away from their families, children and partners for months and months!

After this, I visited the World Trade Centre. This is a complex of three skyscrapers, which includes two malls and two hotels.

One of the markets is a traditional soul market, here I purchased some dates, almonds and spices. I also bought two pairs of earrings for the price of roughly £10. To begin with I was really struggling how to work out the currency in my head, but I just admitted defeat and carried my phone calculator around, dividing everything by 4.7.

The other mall was more westernised, with shops likes addidas, top shop and H&M etc. I found the most amazing evening dress shop, called Bissan. I’m gonna have to save up and purchase one for my 21st…



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