Since  visiting Corsica, I’ve been pretty slack with keeping up to date with the posts. Following the drama when arriving at our villa in Corsica, it was a pretty relaxing break. With everyday lounging around the stunning private pool, and occasionally exploring the nearby towns.

The villa overlooked the beautiful landscapes of Figari, and was a ten-minute stroll away from the town. Figari is a tiny village, accommodating a handful of small stores; yet it has an airport named after it!

On one of the days we visited Bonifacio, which is the most fantastic town! It is a city placed on the best and only major harbour in the south of the island. It has picturesque imagery and dominating heritage. The town is split into two parts, The vieille ville (old town), or la Haute Ville (the Upper city).


Bonifacio also has a beach attached to it; La Tonnara Beach.  We went kayaking here for a day. To our amazement we found it surprisingly easy to kayak to this historical cave, which rewarded us with the perfect scenic views! However, after jumping in and out and generally exhausting ourselves… We decided to head to a small Island en route back, it was tough but we got there, where I collapsed on the beach… using the excuse that I was sunbathing and not pathetically worn out!! With limited time to get back, we got back in the boat to face the hardest challenge, with the wind direction completely against us…


Corsica has some of the best views I have ever experienced. With the architecture being out of this world (like most french buildings).

We stayed in the South, which is a quiet area, providing the perfect retreat to relax and unwind. I know my mother intends on going back next year!!





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