Following my return from Oman, I have headed straight to London to complete some work experience. It is within a headhunters, located in Bank. It has been so great to be contributing during an insight week, rather than just being a burden on everyone. Despite only doing research, it is research that seems to be really helpful, for a particular profile one guy is working on.

Anyway, whilst in London.. I won’t be visiting anything cultural. So instead thought i’d report on the places where i have eaten. This will motivate me to explore different places to eat everyday. Rather than just venturing to Pret daily.. As tempting as that is!

Here are a few locations I have been to so far:

Barbecoa (Jamie Oliver) – Bank



This salad box cost £4.95, which for a Lunch in London is pretty good! Probably wouldn’t justify it everyday, but for a work experience treat.. it was delicious. With a choice of three salad options, and the option to add meat which would make the total cost £6. Highly recommend for an easy, healthy lunch spot.

Wild Food Cafe – Covent Garden

  • 14 Neals Yard, 1st Floor, Covent Garden, WC2H 9DP

Safe to say this was a daring option to choose, when its raw and vegan. I’m not even vegetarian… but I enjoyed it!

In terms of cost, its relatively expensive. Which is to be expected at somewhere so unique. Our total bill was nearly £40, with two drinks, two starters and one pudding. 

I dragged along a cautious friend, who unfortunately wasn’t as keen.. but enjoyed this raw chocolate tart more. So for those who aren’t fussed about not eating meat, I would say go be daring! You might be pleasantly surprised.. I definitely was. 





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