Day 8

So the day is here… The start of Ramadan!

Unfortunately from now on, we are unable to really explore. Seeing as some places are closed, and the others are just so difficult to fully experience without one drop of water throughout the trip.

IMG_7091Ramadan is the holy month in which Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Holy Quran. They do this by fasting during the daylight hours.

With every intention of respecting this, Louise and I wear our abayas whilst venturing outside to compound.

“Out of respect non-Muslims should not eat, drink or smoke in public places, even in their cars, between sunrise and sunset”

Firstly we looked round a traditional fish market in al seeb, with lovely old men selling the fresh fish they caught that morning.

FullSizeRender-1.jpgSo we had been out of the compound, attempting to be respectful of this cultural event, for a maximum of 20 minutes… Before…

We visit a fruit and veg stall, where there are a different type of dates.. So Louise asks if we can try them and mid mouthful screams at me and hits the date out of my hand… Apologising profusely!

Honestly, with food in front us… Of course we wouldn’t think about anything else 🙄

During Ramadan, the whole dynamics of the country change, with rush hours on the roads being later, work hours being shorter and places being open at different times. Apparently the roads become worse.. with constant accidents, due to people being easily aggravated during their fasting.

After 40 minutes in our abayas and the heat of the day, we rushed home for some water. I honestly admire everyone that commits to the fast… it shows wonderful restraint and commitment to their religion and beliefs!





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