Day 6

With one member of the team down, we ventured for coffee with Louise’s friend who lives on a neighbouring compound. After being here for five years, she has collected traditional and authentic omani decor, adapting their home into a sophisticated and cultural abode.

I thought I would share a story about the most unlucky.. yet lucky wadi-dog! Wadi-dog is the term used for the wild dogs that live in Oman. Since arriving in Oman, I have not seen one dog on a lead.. compared to the UK where dogs are treated as a child in most families.

However, there are still plenty of dogs.. Wild dogs roaming around fish markets and outside the compounds. It is clear from being here, that in Oman… dogs are treated very differently.

In the Quran dogs are referred to as “if you attack him, he lolls out his tongue, or if you leave him alone, he (still) lolls out his tongue” (Surah 7-178).



This is ‘Habiba’; which translates into English as beloved. The local charity; Omani Paws, “A group of people who spray, neuter and re-home these wadi-dogs”. They saved Habiba from being drowned.

She has been adopted by a lovely family. As you can see, they spoil her rotten and she lives a life of luxury. Which will carry on when they take her back to the UK with them, when they leave Oman.

Her unlucky streak began again at the age of 7 months. Whilst being a usual energetic puppy… she decided to jump over a wall that had a 30ft drop! Doing so, she broke her front leg in two places. With the family at hand, they rushed her to the closest vets. With blood pouring from her mouth, they were expecting the worst. A broken leg was in some ways lucky.. seeing the severity of the accident.
Whilst arriving home, this nurturing family noticed her discomfort on her back hip. Initially, the vets believed it to be a scorpion sting.

However, it turned out to be a huge burn, accidentally inflicted by the vets during the surgery for her leg. This was due to her temperature dropping. So they applied heat packs on her hind legs, to keep her warm enough.

Luckily, she is now a few months on from her accident, and is now recovering. And despite the trauma she has been through… she is still a very friendly, energetic and beautiful animal!

At a cost to the family of 600rials (approx £1200)… despite everything she remains a very lucky dog!



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