Day 4

In Oman, Thursday is the new Friday, so shortly after I posted about our adventures in Muttrah, the weekend began with Kev supplying strong G&T’s from 6pm. The reason the weekend starts so early here is that their holy day is a Friday, rather than a Sunday in the UK.

So forgetting to start the BBQ… we carried on drinking… resulting in Louise and I trying to be ‘down with the kids’ and crashing their pool party. Anyway, explaining to Sophie how i managed to return home with soaking wet clothes, I realised how technology has changed the simplest of things. With Oli having to ask “Phone? Watch waterproof?” before pushing me in!

Having to look presentable for our bubbly brunch at the grand hyatt hotel, for 12pm the next day, was a struggle. Before the drinking began again at 2pm, we were not feeling the love for Kev!


Bubbly Brunch @ Grand Hyatt Hotel

Bubbly bunches are put on by hotels, to allow anyone to enjoy the finest of their cultural cuisine, within the luxury of a 5 star hotel. Accompanied by alcohol, which cannot be bought or consumed anywhere outside of hotels in Oman. We paid 35 rials, which converts to £62.63, with the current exchange rate. With their not being any pubs or restaurants where alcohol can be consumed, these brunches are how the community of expats, westerners and tourists socialise.

The food was out of this world. I have not experienced quality and choices like it. I actually found it quite stressful! There was a pork room, for non muslims, which was overwhelming for the expats who have limited access to pork. And when they do, its very pricey, for example 12 richmond sausages cost them around £12, compared to £2 we would pay in Tesco.

The main course section had a salad bar, sushi, roasts, seafood – including Oysters which Sophie was brave enough to try! We had from 1-5 to enjoy this selection, very surprised we were even affected by the alcohol! Eloquently presented and tasted delicious!!BeFunky Collage_188.jpg

BeFunky Collage_107.jpg

The pudding section: as you can see, anything you could imagine!



BeFunky Collage_98.jpg


We definitely took advantage of the included alcohol, and are paying for it today!


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