Travelling to Oman

Planning to travel to Oman has been stressful to say the least, but it’s safe to say I’ve arrived with only a few hiccups along the way.

Stress 1:

Deciding to attend We R festival in Upminster the day before my flight, made planning my descent to the airport very confusing. Two weeks before, I left my car with my best friend in Kent (with my bag packed for Oman). Not remembering what I packed before, I packed a small backpack with my iPhone and iPad, and my passport… The idea of carrying such valuables to a festival was horrifying!

On arriving in Kent, I looked through my large bag to discover I had forgotten ankle socks, toothbrush, underwear and any form of long sleeved tops to cover my shoulders on arrival.

With my flight being at 10am on Bank Holiday Monday, and releasing this large mishap at 11pm the night before.. There was no option than to have an expensive start to this trip in Gatwick, visiting Victoria secret and Zara.. So much for budget travelling!!

Stress 2:

Arriving at the check in desk, to a concerned air hostess mentioning that the flight is fully booked, but that she’ll sort something… Anyway, I’m checked in… I don’t care.

Turning up at my gate to scan my boarding pass to be clearly rejected with a few red lights and beeping noises..

“Let me just to check the names match.. Oh yes, you have been upgraded to business class”

What an experience!

  • the comfiest reclining chairs
  • so much leg room/space
  • Gin & tonics on tap
  • Smoked salmon, chicken breast with chickpeas, cheese board, fruit platter

Stress 3:

Finally arriving in Muscat, where I needed to purchase a 10 day visa, which should of costed about £15. Me of course worked out I need a 12 day visa, not considering that I’m in the air for a day each way. So I purchased a 30 day travel visa which was the next option.. Costing roughly £45… Rookie traveller right here!

Whilet queueing to get the visa I just paid for I can’t find my boarding pass.. So a quick look at my passport & boarding pass & visa turned into a lengthy analysis of my reasons for visiting, online confirmation of flights, all with a very difficult language barrier!

I could of not of been more relieved to see my older sister waiting for me, I’d made it!







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