Day 1


After a brief disruption to the start of my first night in Oman,  I finally managed to fall asleep around 3am local time only to be woken up by the morning prayer sung by the Imam (the priest). He calls to prayer when the sun rises, which at this time of the year is roughly 4.15am.

I’m going to blame the disruption and not being lazy, but I was finally woken for the day at 11am by my sister with a cup of tea. The air con gave me a false sense of confidence amind I strolled onto the balcony.. To be welcomed by the sudden heat of 45 degrees and a blinding brightness!

Louise drove us around where she lives; al seeb. We went along the sea Cornish, which offered stunning views of the sea front and the crystal blue water. Also visiting a small shopping mall in ‘the wave’ which is apparently the westernised section of Oman, where English women can stroll around without the need to cover up.

We then visited Muscat City Centre. Much to my surprise it seemed extremely westernised, with every possible shop there! Unfortunately, the exchange rate is currently 0.54, so I’m basically doubling the prices in rials, which makes shopping slight pricey!!

Following this, we needed to head to a supermarket. Discovering the equivalent of a larger tesco extra, we ventured round the huge aisles and discovered food that is bought in such huge quantities.

The highlight for me being a date fanatic was visiting the date stall within the supermarket, I’ve attached a picture, but this is just fuelling my addiction. Will definitely be taking a lot home with me!

We relaxed by the pool in the afternoon, reading and still struggling in the now much reduced heat of the day, before having supper on the veranda.

10pm: exhausted and ready to snore!




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